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I started Girl Gang Meetup in Dallas in May 2018 to give women a safe space to create. I decided to start hosting female-only meetups every month after hosting a co-ed meetup and seeing how male photographers infamous for making models uncomfortable, pressuring them to take their clothes off and saying inappropriate things made the models actually scared. Everyone deserves to feel safe when pursuing their hobbies and passions, trying new things, and when working, and female models are often targeted by male photographers (not all of them -- just the ones who use photography as a ruse to have access to attractive women). Girl Gang Meetup is about providing a safe space to create and network and meet other female creatives and educate them on safety precautions necessary within the industry, as well as giving female creatives a platform for their art. May through December 2018 I hosted free Girl Gang Meetups every month, and in January I started charging a small fee to cover studio costs. In 2019 I also started introducing trustworthy male photographers with good reputations who I personally know to Girl Gang Meetup to show, yes, all male photographers are not bad, but we should have standards of who we shoot with -- not just any dude with a camera and photoshop. In August 2019, I hosted a Girl Gang Meetup in Los Angeles with Chey Dawn and Chloe May Gibson. We are working to expand Girl Gang Meetup across the US!

model safety

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DFW "Blacklist"

Disclaimer: This list has been compiled by the DFW creative community based off of models' experiences. 

  1. lostboyvisuals / lostboycreates / lostboywoahh / lostboyduh

  2. imagerealm_

  3. san.vicario

  4. photosbyjesse

  5. Andrew_bukowski

  6. nihilists.inlove aka wolfewounds

  7. basic.chuy

  8. agfthegoat

  9. visionaryshots_

  10. justinyanger2

  11. trevor_jamesx

  12. digitalicon

  13. klaszicvizuals

  14. jshotyou19

  15. felrodphotography

  16. clubhrtbrk

  17. rudebehavior_

  18. dan_elius

  19. relayze

  20. ntrxnate

  21. vintage_champagne_

  22. earlthepearl_

  23. shootwithgary


  25. dejavu_modelz

  26. bryansdimension

  27. timothyhoang / storiesbytim

  28. henryanthonyreinhartjr

  29. 24_frames_boudoir_films

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