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My name is Kristianna Davied but I go by Kris. I am a full-time freelance photographer, model, makeup artist, editor, graphic designer, brand ambassador, influencer, content creator and more. I earned my Bachelor's of Arts in Journalism with a minor in Psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington in May 2019. I strongly believe in having a career (or multiple) that I enjoy, because I think the key to happiness is doing something in life that I love. 

 I have 4 years of experience in specialize in fashion, editorial, portrait, e-commerce and event photography but I also do product photography, special occasions and weddings. 

As a photographer and makeup artist, I strongly believe that I'm in the business of making people feel beautiful, a goal I have for every photoshoot. 

I am a mental health awareness and body positivity advocate. I do not tolerate racism, homophobia, or any other type of prejudice or discrimination. I strongly believe in the power of kindness, the positive effect it has on myself and others. 

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